Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement At EDC, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your flooring needs. We can remove all types of flooring ( i.e.: carpet, wood, VCT, ceramic, epoxies...), adhesives and mortar for your new floor. We can polish concrete from a Mate Finish to a high gloss finish, or any where in between. We can install Epoxy coatings. Paint chip, Chroma quartz, Metallics, cementitious toppings and other types of epoxy coatings. We also install other types of flooring ( Carpet, Ceramic tile, VCT, Wood floors, and laminate flooring so you only have to hire one flooring contractor to meet and exceed your flooring needs. Contact us at (847)244-4EDC or (847)875-2361


Polished Concrete in School

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is one of the lowest maintenance floors out there. When polished to a high sheen the light reflectivity can brighten up the space. In fact some have found that they need fewer light. Polished concrete is great for Retail spaces, warehouses and residential Spaces. It can be used in automotive repair shops.

Epoxy in Residential Basement Pattern

Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Floors, some times called Stain and seal, are a low maintenance floor great for residential, commercial, retail spaces, automotive repair shops, and ware houses. Some epoxies have Chemical and oil resistance.

Refurbished Terrazzo in Retail Sales area

Refurbished Terrazzo

We can take an 80 year old terrazzo floor and polish it up to like new.

Carpet tiles in Retail Sales area

Carpet Installation

We install glue down carept, Stretch in Carpet (over pad), Carpet Tile, or most any other type of installtion.

Removals and floor Preparation

Flooring Removal in a Retail Sales area

Flooring Removals

We remove all types of floorings like: Carpet, V.C.T., L.V.T., Ceramic tile, wood flooring and even the glue or mortar that holds them down.

Self leveler  in Retail Sales area

Flooring Preparation

Whether we are doing the finish floor or not, we can do your floor preparation. We do Self levers, Patching shot blasting, Glue removal, flooring removal, Grinding, Joint filling and much more.

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